Laundry & Workwear Hire Specialists Cape Town

We are a young, dynamic owner managed Company, with a hands on approach to our work and clients.  We have been operating as Industrial Garments for the past 23 years.  

We focus primarily on Workwear and Table Linen, with 90% of our clients being in the Food Industry.  As a result we are very familiar with “HACCP” and adhere strictly to the SABS/0146 draft bill pertaining to Hygiene and Cross Contamination in the food industry. We utilise the latest computerised washing machines and equipment and soap dispensing units. We only use SABS approved detergents.

Our Process

The clean and soiled garments are divided by means of a barrier wall, reducing any possibility of cross contamination.  Disinfection of soiled garments is achieved by means of appropriate and proven thermal and chemical disinfection procedures. We provide on site laundry management, an employee of Industrial Garments manages the issuing and collection of protective workwear from a centralised storeroom on your premises after they have been cleaned on our premises.

All our services

  • Hiring and cleaning of  Protective Workwear
  • Laundry and general maintenance of Workwear
  • Laundry of Table Linen and all other restaurant linen
  • On Site Laundry Management
  • Lockers and laundry control
  • Specialise in airline linen
  • A laundry turnaround time of between 12-24 hours
  • Sales of Workwear


If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us!